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CE Seminars

Registration forms for current and future Re-Licensing Seminars are below:

CA Class Nov. 18, '18 2018 Tulsa (AM hrs. approved for CCA Re-Cert)

New Licensee Orient... 10-21 (OKC) & 11-17 (Tulsa) Hard Rock

New Dr. Orient. Regist... Nov. 17, 18, 2018 Tulsa - Hard Rock Hotel/Casino

Nov. 17, 18, 2018 Tulsa CE Seminar - Hard Rock Hotel/Casino

8/4/18 Injectable Re-Cert. class - Stroud, OK 

(If the last Injectable Re-Certification class you took was in the fall of 2014 and you have not taken one of the three Injectable Re-Certification classes in 2017, your Certification allowing you to administer injections has run out and therefore to do so, you will need to register and attend this class in Stroud, OK. If you acquired your original Injectable Nutrient Certification in Tulsa in June of 2016 or your last Re-Certification in June 2016 at the Crowne Hotel on N.W. Expressway, OKC, your Certification will expire in June of 2019, approximately nine (9) months prior to the next Re-Cert. class.)

CA Class Tulsa Nov. 18th (CCA Re-Cert. approved)

The Sunday eight (8) hours for the CA's at the UCA OKC and Tulsa fall CE seminars will present information from Tulsa's own insurance authority, Brad Hayes, D.C., who has been the BC/BS Chiropractic consultant for over 40 years and peer review for many other companies over that time period. He continues to speak throughout the country on insurance issues, guidelines and parameters.

His topics for this presentation include the CA's allowable duties and responsibilities in regard to what examination, treatments and protocols have been shown to have the best and worst outcomes, are legally or fraudulently coded, get best and worst reimbursement, and if so, why, how and what do you do to get reimbursed.

Despite all eight (8) hours being valuable for all CA's, the first four (4) hours are of particular importance for the back-office CA who assists the doctor from exam through patient acute and wellness care. Therefore, the AM hours have been OBCE approved for CCA Re-Certification and must sign in before 8:00 am and out at noon to verify attendance for the Board.